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I’m not very good at English, so most of the English pages are machine translated.
If you find any strange sentences, please feel free to contact me.

Content outside of this site

Here is some of the content I provide for 5keys outside of this site.

beatmania related mirrors

This is a mirror of beatmania-related sites that have been removed.

You can access a mirror site by adding “” to the beginning of the original address.

  • beatmania_terminal
    beatmania official site
    This is a record of the time leading up to the release of IIDX 7th style.
    The original has already disappeared, and the mirror site that someone kept has also disappeared, so I am mirroring it here.
  • Index
    Other preserved mirrors can be found here.

beatmaniaIII Score Data


This site allows you to share and view the score data recorded on your floppies.

Discord Server (JP)

We have a Discord server for Japanese people for 5keys related topics. Please feel free to join.

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